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Color Me Healthy.

Color Me Healthy offers opportunities for all teammates to pursue their journey of well-being. This comes from our philosophy that all teammates are already creative, competent and complete.

Our well-being program is employee driven.  Yes, you heard right!  Teams of employees throughout the organization decide and help implement the well-being programs with the help of a professional well-being coordinator.

A variety of free programs and services are offered to our teammates to choose what suits their own well-being journey. Programs and services vary by location.

True Colors® Program
True Colors® Program
True Colors® Program
True Colors® Program
True Colors® ProgramTrue Colors® ProgramTrue Colors® ProgramTrue Colors® Program

True Colors® Program - Our Foundation

True Colors® – A Fun Personality Workshop

Each teammate at Team Horner participates in a True Colors® workshop.  True Colors is a fun, interactive personality assessment that is part of our foundation of well-being.  The objectives of the workshop include: to help you learn more about yourself, understand more about others, celebrate our differences and give you a new tool to communicate, particularly with those least like you. With better understanding and good communication tools we have less stress and that enhances our well-being.

You will learn how each of us is a blend of 4 colors, orange, blue, green and gold. You will discover your dominant traits and how to use this knowledge in your work and in your personal life.

Educational Classes & Workshops

  • Hands on healthy cooking and demos
  • Nutrition
  • Mindful Eating
  • Stress management and Mindfulness
  • Personal financial education
  • Parenting
Cooking ClassCooking Class
Nutrition & fitness

Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

One to One Coaching

Our Signature program is One to One Coaching, and is available to all teammates.  The program has proven to be the most impactful and meaningful of all the CMH programs to date!  It is an opportunity to work with a trained and certified health/lifestyle coach on a weekly or monthly basis.

Meet our Top-Notch Coaches

Coach Andrea

Coach Andrea

Coach Julia

Coach Julia

Coach Tracy

Coach Tracy

Coach Natalie

Coach Natalie

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation


...and much more!

  • Massage days
  • Community – Walking/running/biking for charity
  • Fruit delivery and healthy snacks
  • Zumba
  • Onsite fitness equipment

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