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Gary Chisling, Vice President - Administration
Gary Chisling
Vice President, Team Horner

As a member of Team Hornersince 1978, Gary has experienced the Team’s growth from a “handful” of employees and two companies to over 400 employees and 17 companies. Since 1983, Gary has held various management / leadership positions. With his appointment to VP Administration in 1992, he is responsible for the common administrative functions of the Team (Finance, Accounting, Human resources, Risk Management, IT and Legal matters).

Gary is passionate about the company Culture, which is founded on the principles of our Value System, with Teamwork being a common thread. The Mission Statement of Working Together, Growing Together and Winning Together summarizes these values and is consistent with the partnerships we strive to create with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Gary is also passionate about striving for excellence and has similar expectations for his Teammates. Recognizing people are our most important asset, it is his desire to build a Team of winners. This explains his continuous efforts of effective human capital practices, especially optimizing the process of employee selection. To quote Jim Collins in a bestseller business book, “Good to Great”; get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats and we will figure out how to take it someplace great.”

“It is my wish that each employee find their respective role productive and rewarding with their unique contribution to the success of the Team.”

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