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Jeff Tawney, Vice President - AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.-Manufacturing
Jeff Tawney
VP of Manufacturing, AquaCal AutoPilot®, Inc.

Since 1981, as an employee and part owner of AquaCal®, Jeff, with his experience and training in the HVAC industry, has been one of the pioneers of the pool heat pump industry. With the acquisition of AquaCal® by Team Horner® in 1992, Jeff was appointed Vice President, AquaCal®.

Working at every level from the production floor to the VP’s office, Jeff has an in-depth understanding of the products as well as the marketplace Team Horner® serves. He is committed to providing the highest quality product backed by a level of service that is known as the industry standard.

Jeff continues to work in a leadership role in the emerging markets that represent AquaCal® and AutoPilot® products. Jeff believes that your ability to learn faster than your competition is key to winning in business today. True to that belief, he has remained actively involved in the learning and teaching of “new” business practices and the re-assessment of “old” business knowledge. He is involved in ongoing Continuous Education training and the development of qualified Service technicians and Sales representatives in our industry.

Jeff has a very strong commitment to the Culture that marks all Team Horner® companies as something special and unique in the business community. This commitment shows itself in the Team based approach that always looks for a win-win solution to all business issues.

He couples this commitment to smart work, high quality and fair play with a “we’re going to have fun doing it as well” attitude.

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