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Linda Carroll, VP of International Distribution
Linda Carroll
VP of International Distribution, HornerXpress® Worldwide

Originally from the UK, Linda started her swimming pool career in the Caribbean, working with two companies who offered everything from pool construction, to retail and service – both of whom were customers of Team Horner! Learning from these “hands on” experiences proved invaluable. After moving to the USA, Linda joined Team Horner in 1993 as an Administrative Assistant in Horner Discus International, which later became HornerXpress® Worldwide – the international distribution part of the Team. Linda quickly moved into a sales role and traveled for the company to the Caribbean islands and the UK until 2000 when she relocated back to England.

Linda returned to the USA, rejoining Team Horner in 2003 as Vice President of HornerXpress® Worldwide. As what we call a ‘boomerang’ employee, Linda fully appreciates the opportunities we are given to grow and improve at Team Horner™. “This is a very special place to work, with a spirit that is rare to find. Working within the international side of our business has provided a uniquely rewarding experience that I thoroughly enjoy. I am passionate about spreading the Team Horner philosophy to our customers, as we are not only selling them product, we are entrusted with helping them grow their businesses for long term profitability.”

The HX Worldwide team is made up of many different cultures and backgrounds with experience in international sales, logistics, marketing and finance. Our mission is to do whatever it takes to make the customer feel that we are right beside them, even when they are thousands of miles away.

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